Most Popular Christmas Gifts

The top gift ideas for Christmas in 2015.

The Best Gifts of the Year

I have come up with a list of great gifts for the year. There are electronic gifts for adults and toy gifts for kids. For more ideas check out

Best Electronic Gifts

The Kindle Fire
The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s contribution to the tablet market although it is a bit different than other tablets. The Fire has features of both a tablet and an eReader  and provides easy access to all of Amazon’s content like books and movies. It has WiFi capabilities for internet surfing and email access and since it is based on an Android operating system, it can also run various apps.

The Kindle Fire has been available for pre-order for the last few weeks but doesn’t begin to ship until mid-November. However, pre-order sales have already been high and there is a lot of excitement around this product. At a price of only $199, the Kindle Fire is a very affordable tablet option and sure to be one of the hottest if not the hottest gift this year.

The Kindle
The Kindle line has now expanded to include a few different options at a few different price points. The Kindle has long been considered the best eReader overall, but the newest line-up has taken things to a new level and the reduction in prices this year make any of these Kindles a great gift idea.

In addition to the Kindle Fire, which is Amazon’s color eReader, there are two other new options. There is the Kindle Touch which provides a touchscreen for navigation as opposed to the original in-built keyboard. And there is a new base level Kindle available for just $79. The original Kindle model is now called the Kindle Keyboard and has also seen a price reduction.

The Garmin GPS
Another great electronic gift idea is a GPS system. These systems have been very popular for the last few years and still make a great gift idea for anyone who doesn’t already have one.

Garmin makes some of the more popular models of GPS navigators. The more you spend the more features you get, but a great system can be acquired for under $200.

The Roku 2 Streaming Player
The Roku 2 is one amongst a few options in streaming players – devices that allow you to stream internet-based services directly to your television. For anyone who likes movies, this player allows easy access to subscriptions like Netflix or Amazon Prime. The Roku 2 also has its own channels although many are paid.

So many people now access movies and even TV shows online and that type of content will only grow. The Roku 2 is a nice gift idea for the movie lover and could even be bundled with a NetFlix or Amazon primer subscription for the person who hasn’t yet moved that direction.

Best Gifts for Kids

LeapFrog Learning Tablet
The LeapPad Learning Tablet from Leapfrog is the newest reading device for young children. It was released just a few months ago and is already a bestseller amongst educational toys.

The Learning Tablet has all of the great features that have come to be expected from LeapFrog, but now in a design that looks and acts like a regular computer tablet. Games, reading and other apps are sold separately. This is certain to be a hot selling toy this season and one of the best gifts 2015.

Angry Birds Merchandise
In case you haven’t heard of Angry Birds, it is one of the most popular game apps on iPhones and smart phones. Kids love playing this game on their parent’s phones and there are now some board games and plush animals based on this theme.

For children who like the Angry Birds game app, a plush bird or t-shirt would be great. The board game would be fun for any child, whether they are familiar with the app or not.  Expect to see a lot of Angry Birds this Christmas.

Lego Kits
Legos have been a popular toy for decades and they continue to be a bestselling toy in 2015. A good old-fashioned tub of Legos is a great gift idea for a toddler or preschooler. And for the older child there are many creation kits based on popular shows and movies like Star Wars.

And for the child who already loves all things Lego, check out the cool Lego alarm clock and Lego watches that are available. These Lego items tend to be targeted more at boys, but there are a few girly Lego gifts also.

Air Swimmers
These are a fun gift for a pretty large age range. The Air Swimmers are remote-controlled inflatable balloons that can fly around the house yet look like they are swimming. There is a shark and a clownfish version – I think the shark is cooler.

The downfall of these toys is they need helium. So you either need to buy a small tank or get helium from your local party store. Otherwise these are a pretty unique gift and a hot toy for 2015.